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How Healthy Are Wraps?

Wraps seem to be very popular on Fast Food and Restaurant menus these days.  Think of them as tortillas though, which is what they actually are.  So how healthy are they for you?

When choosing a wrap, remember a couple things.  First try to make it a whole wheat choice.  Those that are listed as spinach or tomato wraps probably don’t contain much vegetable, and may contain added color to give them that green or red appearance.

Size matters.  Very large wraps are equivalent to extra large tortillas and actually give you 2 servings of that sandwich.

Many wraps also contain ingredients you should try to avoid, like hydrogenated and partially-hydrogenated oils.  Check the ingredient statements in the grocery store.  And those that are low-carb or high-fiber may contain isolated fiber like inulin or oat fiber.  While this is fiber, it may not have the same health benefits as fiber found naturally in foods.

So wraps can be healthy if you watch the type, serving size and ingredients.  However, simply choosing a wrap on the menu may not always be the healthiest option.


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