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How To Keep Food Ads From Derailing You

Food ads can be so distracting and lure you away from the healthy goals you have set for yourself.  Keep in mind these 4 strategies to push back on this type of marketing.

1. Don’t accept all the marketing claims as truth.  Know what you are looking for on the back of the package where you find the ingredients and nutrition labeling.

2. Stay on Track.  Visualize a healthy plate and delicious, colorful and satisfying nutrient dense foods when you think about eating.  Don’t let temptation lure you away from your goals.

3. Turn off the TV.  Not only does it get you off the couch, but it eliminates the donut or burger and fry ads.

4. Skip over the internet temptations that are showing up.  Facebook can be a great way of sharing motivation and ideas, but companies also know this is mass advertising for their products as well.

Remember, companies use marketing to sell their products.  Sometimes these are healthy foods that have a place on your plate, but make informed decisions instead of falling for temptation.

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