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Geared towards human resources professionals and others who want to stay updated on nutrition information, Keep It Healthy’s news section summarizes the latest research and guidelines.

With insights from Elizabeth, you have information at your fingertips to share with your employees, inform your corporate healthy workforce initiatives and to do your part to promote a healthier America.

Simply scroll down to find news you can use and Keep It Healthy’s latest announcements.

Interview on Triad Guide

Elizabeth was recently interviewed on Triad Guide’s Blog Talk Radio. Listen to the interview below as it ran including commercials.

Greensboro District Dietetic Association

Elizabeth has been elected to the Greensboro District Dietetic Association Board.

Now Accepting MultiPlan and Coventry Health Care

Elizabeth now accepts MultiPlan and Coventry Health Care insurance plans.

Weight Management Dietetic Practice Group

Elizabeth attended the Weight Management Dietetic Practice Group’s Annual Symposium in Indianapolis in April.  She is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the WMDPG.

Healthy Nutrition for Middle Schoolers

Elizabeth enjoyed speaking to the 6th grade class at The Greensboro Day School about Healthy Nutrition.  The group had a lot of wonderful questions that showed their interest in living a healthy lifestyle.  Thank you for inviting me.

Choose My Plate

Elizabeth has spoken to numerous groups in the Triad area recently about the new “Choose My Plate” guidelines for healthy eating.  Many of these employers are looking for ways to encourage and educate their employees on eating and exercise to promote good health.